2011 March 6, SCCA Atlanta Autocross @ Turner Field

After spending 3 years off the course, I pulled out my 87 325is out of a pile of leaves. Battery was dead, but after charging it up the beast came back to life. Old tires where shot, so I went on Buford highway and got some used tires. With runing car now I was able to register for the autox event. Since my schedule limited me to morning session only, I did not spent time trying to figure out what class my BMW supposed to be in and registered tor Time Only morning session.

Upon arrival parking lot look very very wet! And it was still raining, 40 degrees and 15mph wind gusts. Ouch!

I was working the course first run and driving second. (Autocross events are volunteer based, so everybody has to contribute) After two hours in the middles of a very windy wet and cold parking lot, was my turn to drive.

My first run was a spin-out 75.447+2. I came in too fast into very tight corner and the rear end overtook the front. Now that I think about it, my car was too tail happy, I think I had my tire pressures too high for such a cold day. Enjoy the video.

On the second run I took on a passenger, he completely blocked the camera view, so there is no video. I took it easier and finished the run in 59.276

Third run Turned out to be my best of the day – 57.852 Enjoy!

On the second and third runs something in the front suspension was banging very loudly, so on the lasts run I did not go as hard as on the Third one. Result 58.207.

Here are some pictures from the event

4 thoughts on “2011 March 6, SCCA Atlanta Autocross @ Turner Field

  1. Hey Thomas! Thanks for coming out to our event. I really enjoyed seeing another E30 out there. I’ve been trying to urge a lot of the local Bimmerforums crew to come out and we’ve had a relatively good BMW contingent. Weather has been great too…feel free to come out again for our next event at Atlanta Motorspeedway. Our courses are usually a little quicker there. Again, thanks for coming out and we look forward to seeing you again!

  2. Hey Tomas,

    Nice ride dude! Are you planning to go race it again. I have a 330i I would like to put on track. I’d love to attend some of these events. Meybe we can go together the next time

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