Almost no progress over the weekend

My plan was to finish a simple flash game for attracting more visitors to own of my websites, but as sometimes happens – life intervened. I was able to sit down at the computer to code for ah hour at around 8pm last night. Caring for an infant is exhausting. All you moms out there I really know how hard you have to work!

On another note, we are filing our first eviction in 3 years or real estate investing. That is a great track record, but I rather not do it. Sometimes you just have no choice. To have even a slight chance of getting our money we have to go to court. I feel for the family that has to move out, but we can not afford to run a charity.

One thought on “Almost no progress over the weekend

  1. Yeah, sometimes it happened to me also, like i want to make a dvd presentation which i got from but i wasnt able to finish it because there’s a lot of disturbances. Hope you will finish that flash game soon.

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