Change of Direction

Change is inevitable. Change has come. I have been spending less and less time on real estate and more and more time on online marketing. I find that I enjoy it more then dealing with buyers and sellers. My online marketing is still related to real estate, but I am looking into other things as well.

I just spent good half an hour searching for online marketing blogs. Unfortunately all I was able to find is a bunch of crap. Pardon my French. Almost all the blogs I found where so overloaded with ads, had almost no information about online marketing and tried to sell me something. I realize everyone needs to make a living, but what happened to just sharing information?

Has anyone found a decent blog about online marketing?

4 thoughts on “Change of Direction

  1. Hey, you quit real estate too?!?! Awesome, online marketing whether it be SEO, SEM, email or whatever is better than real estate.

    1.) It’s a growth industry & non-cyclical
    2.) Less jackasses, you buyer’s agents know what I mean
    3.) Work anywhere, wearing anything, while drinking you beverage of choice.

    Check BlogCatalog’s Directory, they’ve got tons of online marketing blogs listed. Some great, some not so great……….


  2. I found that a lot of blogs and podcasts in Real Estate Investment arena are just sales wehicles. You listen to good number of those and notice that the same “experts” are selling same crap on all of them. In most cases it is disguised as “expert interview”…..

    Do not get me wrong I am not leaving Real Estate Investing completely, jus trying to focus more on the “hands off” income genereation streams. I will allways be involved in REI.

    And online marketing blogs and podcasts are the same way, they try to sell you crap while providing close to zero usefull info…

  3. Really cool blog. I found it on yahoo. I am looking forward to read more posts.

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    Thank you

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