Goolge app engine + java + spring + REST + JSON


I have been inching to try out google app engine and its capabilities, but did not wan to give up the spring. So to day I am starting on my prototype involving Goolge app engine + java + spring + REST + JSON.

The end product will be spring mvc app running in google app engine handling GET, POST, PUT and DELETE http requests with JSON objects in and out utilizing JDO and seesions. This will give me a platform to write clients in Objective C for Ipod/Iphone (aka Coco Touch), Android, Flex, Ajax and maybe couple more platforms.

I am writing this while I am downloading Spring 3.0RC1. Will try to give daily updates if I can. If my prototype works as expected (all the research points to yes), I will have sample project available for download. There will be some trouble getting Flex to talk REST, since it only supports GET and POST and like most Adobe development stuff is not of the greatest maturity……. (opening new tab to check if we have new version of flex… still beta). Anyhow, Flex REST part will be interesting, I have already done some hacking in that area and it can be done – I have to write http client by hand, but who does not like an interesting challenge?

So here you have it. Next update when I have Spring 3 mvc inside google app engine up and running.

The part 1 is now online.

The part 2 is now online.

The part 3 is now online

The part 4 is now online

4 thoughts on “Goolge app engine + java + spring + REST + JSON

  1. I got distracted by a big push for production at work. Starting to put together the first article on the series today. Should be out shortly…..

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