New Interest and New Technologies

A lot of time has passed since I dumped my mind to bytes and threw out to the digital universe. Almost 3 years since my last post.

In that time I discovered CrossFit, and have fix my broken body and then broke it again and fixed it again and discovered the capacity of human brain… But more on that some other time.

I have jumped head first into AngularJs and D3 on the front end and to Dropwizard on the back end. Then found big data to be fun and big data in real time to be even more fun. I have seen Hadoop and Hbase, Pig and Scoop, Hive and Impala, Flume and Phoenix and then I stepped into Storm and Kafka. What a journey it has been.. and still is. So from now on I will attempt to share at least one step of my journey a week with anyone who will be willing to read my random thoughts.

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