New Year – New Outlook – New Goals

Now that initial shock of caring for a newborn has passed, I am ready to get back to business. My daughter is almost 3 months old now.  She starts to sleep more at night, that leaves more of the night to work on my world domination plan.

I came to a realisation that the only way to freedom is internet business. Real estate is great, but you have to be there all teh time. You need to go see houses, buyers and sellers. Unless, of course, you are a multi millionaire and can just buy and sell skyscrapers and shopping mals or big apartment buildings.

To have freedom to travel and work from anywhere I need to be location independent. I have this dream of renting and RV and driving around the USA one summer. To make this work, I need a business that will run itself with minimum involvement form me. The only way I see it – take it to the internet. I allready have multiple websites up and running, but only one has potential to bring any substantial income this year. So now I have crafted a plan to launch 2 products taht I can sell online. And one of them has the lucrative “monthly subscibtion” feature.

I am working on the first one already. I will be releasing a Beta pretty soon. And the best part of it – I am planing on giving the base version out for free.

So here it is. How that I have promissed to you, that I am gonna do it, I have no other choise, but to do it.

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