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9 Steps to Riches in Real Estate

Or how to get started investing in Real Estate in 9 simple steps:

  1. Attract Sellers
  2. Prescreen Leads
  3. Negotiate and Sign Contract
  4. Fund and Close the Deal
  5. Get Property Ready to Sell/Lease
  6. Attract Buyers/Tenants
  7. Prescreen Buyers/Tenants
  8. Close Quickly
  9. Cash Check and Repeat

These are the steps we go through every day in our business. This is all you have to do from beginning to the end with one property. After you are done with your first one you will be able to juggle multiple properties in different steps and still get them all to the check closing step, but the first one is the most challenging and the most fun.

In the next post we will start on Step 1. Enjoy the ride!