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New website is in the google index. How to promote it?

My newest creation – www.nestery.com is now in google index. It took 3 weeks to get all the pages there, but it is finally all in there.

How should I go about promoting this website? I will email all fellow investors I know to add the houses they have to it. That should add couple  hundred houses. How would you go about promoting it for buyers?

My plan:

    1. place adds on craigslist
    2. respond to adds on craigslist
    3. need more ideas…

      Anybody has a good idea how to get trafic?


      Online marketing journey update

      After spending 3 weeks on vacation and a month refocusing on new priorities (online marketing) I am happy to launch a new website. Actually a couple of new websites.

      First one was for life coach. I spent couple evenings setting it up. It is running on wordpress platform. Do you realize that wordpress is not only for blogging? If you need update the content constantly, wordpress is an excellent choice. So there is that, just initial content, need to do much more search engine optimization…..

      Second one was created, because I felt a vacuum in one particular market segment. It was homes for sale with owner financing or rent to own programs. In essence a site where people can find homes for sale without bank qualifying. I found couple of those, but they where localized, none had enough homes to be effective. So here it is – a national rent to own and owner financed homes for sale website.

      It still is in beta and I am adding features as I go….. and waiting for google to show up. Once it is in the index what would be the best way to promote it?

      Change of Direction

      Change is inevitable. Change has come. I have been spending less and less time on real estate and more and more time on online marketing. I find that I enjoy it more then dealing with buyers and sellers. My online marketing is still related to real estate, but I am looking into other things as well.

      I just spent good half an hour searching for online marketing blogs. Unfortunately all I was able to find is a bunch of crap. Pardon my French. Almost all the blogs I found where so overloaded with ads, had almost no information about online marketing and tried to sell me something. I realize everyone needs to make a living, but what happened to just sharing information?

      Has anyone found a decent blog about online marketing?