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Goolge app engine + java + spring + REST + JSON + Flex – Part 2



Once you are finished with this article, you will be able to store application data in Google App Engine Data store and consume REST service using flex client.

Common Problems and Solutions

In my personal opinion flash player security model is the biggest piece of bullshit I ever encountered. If you sit down and thing just for 10 seconds about how it is implemented you will have to agree that it provides NO security at all. It just makes impossible so do certain things, that’s all. Adobe needs to drop it now.

Here is the problem that we have with REST and Google app engine: Adobe’s implementation of HTTPService only supports GET and POST, to consume REST we need at least 3 methods: GET, POST and DELETE. We can live without PUT – if id is null JDO will create a new persisted object, if it is set JDO will update it. But we still do not have support for DELETE. Continue reading Goolge app engine + java + spring + REST + JSON + Flex – Part 2