Why would I buy Sub2 from you?

I got into a conversation with one of my friends why would someone buy a house from me Sub2. Let’s look at the deal like this: $5,327 down and take over payments of$1,307 per month, you will buy $14k worth of equity. Which in essence means, that you are taking over payments on a mortgage which stays in seller’s name, you paying $5k out of pocket for a house worth $163k with the loan balance of $144k.

So what other ways can you purchase this house? The conventional way would be to go to the bank and get a loan. But wait, there is more. With current situation in lending industry the best deal you will get will require you to put at least 10% down and your interest will be somewhere in 9-10% range. So you will need about $15k to put down and you monthly payment will be $1,140 just for principal and interest. Add taxes and insurance and you are looking at $1,400+ per month. So the conventional way you need more money to put down and your payment is higher.

Also you can go and borrow hard money. Hard money is called hard money, because there are hard rules. You will have to pay about 5 points which is 5% of the loan amount and you will be able to borrow about 70% LTV. LTV stand for loan to value. So if in this case the value is $163k, so LTV comes to about $115k. So you need to buy properties way bellow market value and it will cost you about $6k to get this loan. So in this case you need money up front and the payments are high and LTV is low.

So considering the 3 ways you can buy houses, the Sub2 way looks pretty darn good. You do not need to go to the bank and apply for a mortgage and you do not need to borrow hard money. Plus the monthly payment is usually lower and the mortgage is not showing up on your credit report. Once you get about 10 loans in your name you will see that it is very hard to get more.

So the moral of the story is that in current market, at least in Atlanta area, there are so many houses for sale that we do not buy any other way, but subject to existing loans.

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